Hi! I'm Caitlin.

Biomedical Communicator

I communicate science through art using research, creative thinking and various forms of media.

I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota as an artist and an outdoor explorer with an interest in science. I graduated from Iowa State University in 2014 with a BA in Biological/ Pre-Medical Illustration. I then decided to pursue graduate school and am now starting my second year at the University of Toronto, pursuing my Masters in Biomedical Communications.

I create powerful visuals and I also provide strong communication skills. I enjoy connecting with others through teaching yoga, being a part of various councils and exploring the city of Toronto on my bike. I hope to spark interest in my artwork so that I can foster future relationships.


Illustration + Design
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Traditional Media
3D Modeling + Animation
Maxon Cinema 4d, Adobe After Effects
Web + Interactive Media
HTML, CSS, Sublime, Adobe InDesign
What is Biomedical Communication at the University of Toronto?

Also known as medical illustration, biomedical communication encompasses many disciplines to create visual tools for knowledge translation. The Master of Science in Biomedical Communications (BMC) at the University of Toronto is unique to Canada and one of four accredited programs in the field.

BMC Website

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